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The music from the OAV series was the greatest any OAV(up until that time) has ever had. The music from the TV series is just as good. Kanno Youko(best known for Vision of Escaflowne) is the composer for the opening sequence, and the vocals are done by Ma-aya Sakamoto(Best known for vocals on Escaflowne). The ending theme is composed by Akino Arai, vocals by Chie Ishibashi. The second TV soundtrack sports the voice of Akino Arai, I have no clue as to who sings in the 3rd. The BGM music is composed by Kaoru Wada. The music of the TV series isn't as depressive as the OAV series. It seems more primitive, savage and up-beat. Some songs though are just plain weird, but all are beautiful.

Check out the lyrics page. I've got the lyrics to many OAV songs and the lyrics to the TV ending song. Also my interpetation of the ending theme lyrics.

NOTE: Image Song-a song based on an anime series but is not present within the series NOTE: I will never have all the songs off of any CD-except for singles since it's kinda hard to avoid having all those popular songs. I plan on having a few from each Lodoss soundtrack. If you want all the songs, BUY THE CD! even if you have to buy a Son-May copy. After that being said, enjoy the music.

I don't know the names of all these songs, I'll scan the titles for people to translate.

Most of these files are, or will be, MP3s. You will need a MPEG player to hear them. I suggest Winamp.
Winamp 1.9

What? You don't have an unzipping utility? What's wrong with you! Everyone should have one already but if you don't know what one is then you're hopless. Just drag the zipped file over the icon for this program once you've downloaded it. Then search around to find where it unzipped it to.
Pkunzip(old old old version, but it works fine)

Lodoss Opening Theme Single:
Active Heart(Image song, full version)

Lodoss TV Original Soundtrack Vol.3:
The Probationer and the Priestess(Image song, english vocal)

Track 8

Track 11

Track 16(Strings version)

Evermore(Image song, english vocal)

Italian Lodoss OAV
Italian Adesso e Fortuna(OAV Opening Theme)

Italian Fantasia of the Wing(OAV Ending Theme)

Legend of Crystania
Legend of Cystania MP3(Movie opener I think)

Crystania(Off of one of the Crystania CDs)
This song is in Real Audio format. You can download the whole file and listen to it offline. You need a Real Player to play it.

Lodoss TV Original Soundtrack Vol.1:
Miracle of the Ocean(Opening Theme)

Main Theme(main theme of the series)

Main Theme(another main theme in the series)

Bare Feet of Light(Ending Theme)

A song At Beginning of Every Show(sounds cool)

Rainbow Inversion(Image song)

Lodoss TV Original Soundtrack Vol.2:
1st Track(Vocal Song)

4th Track

6th Track

11th Track

23rd Track(Vocal Song)

Welcome To Lodoss Island:
Main Theme

Opening Song(Vocal Song)

5th Track

7th Track

11th Track

More songs to come, and after a while I'll have the OAV songs too.