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Well, here is the long awaited novels section. Before I start, I want to give credit to the following people: Tim Reif for pictures from the novels and info, Peter Oakley for the great translations of the chapters and summaries, also thanks to Dentatsu for bits of info, best of luck with the translating Dentatsu!

Etoh from Novel 5 As you all know, or should know, the entire Lodoss series is based on the novels Ryo Mizuno wrote based on Group SNE's role-palying campaign based on the system and characters he created. The most popular scenario was that of Lodoss. Throughout the 80s, Mizuno recorded their adventures with this campaign and created 7 novels. The first novel(The Grey Witch) was the basis for the Grey Witch manga series and the first 8 OAV episodes. The second novel(The Demon of Flame) was the basis for the manga series of the same name, the 4CD radio drama and is loosely the basis for Welcome to Lodoss Island movie and manga. The 3rd and 4th novels(The Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain pt. 1 and 2) are the basis of the last 5 OAV episodes and the first 8 episodes of the TV series. The 6th and 7th novels are the basis for the PC game "Record of Lodoss War 2," the new Heroic Knight Manga series and the TV series from episode 9 and up.

NadhiThe success of the Lodoss saga promted Mizuno to write more novels. He came up with a 3 volume set of side stories based on the Lodoss setting. Mizuno also created a Legends of Lodoss storyline. These novels were the basis for the Lady of Pharis manga series. A second set of side stories based on Legends of Lodoss is still running in Japan. There is also a Shin-Lodoss series running in Kadokawa's "The Sneaker '98" magazine.

Lodoss wasn't the only world Mizuno created. He created Forcelia which is the setting for the Legend of Crystania series and is the world in which Lodoss exists. I don't know much about the Crystania novels except that there are 4 novels. I think it's safe to say that the Crystania manga series is based on these 4 novels. The history of Lodoss is described troughout the novels and the first 7 are said to cover about 30 years.

Here are translations provided by Peter Oakley from the first 7 novels.

Author: Ryo Mizuno
Illustrations by: Yutaka Izabuchi
Published and Serialized by: Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko

The Grey Witch
(Hairono Majo)

After 30 years, the wounds from the battle with the demon god healed but signs of a new war threaten the peace of Lodoss. Beld, emperor of Marmo on the island of darkness invads the kingdom of Kannon and following in his trail is the enigmatic witch, Karlla!
At this time, Parn, a young man from the outland town of Zaxon follows his own sense of justice starts a journey together with the priest Etoh, the dwarf warrior Ghim, and the mage Slayn. He doesn't know of the huge fate that lies before him...

First Novel Chapters:
Page #
1. The Adventurers5
2. The Dark Shadow of Allania40
3. Rescue112
4. The Great Sage184
5. Decisive Battle239
6. The Daughter of Marfa270

The Demon of Flame
(Honouno Mashin)

It has been two years since the fight with the abominable witch Karla. Parn and Deedlit continue their journey in search of Wood Chuck who made off with Karla's circlet.
Upon hearing the rumor of a strange magician who can control fire, they come to the desert kingdom of Flaim and are attacked by the desert tribe and the fearsome power concealed in the fire demon Efreet!
On the barren land of the 'Desert of Storm and Fire', the stage is set for a new battle to begin....

Second Novel Chapters:
Page #
1. In the Kingdom of the Desert12
2. HIRUTO's fight63
3. Rescue!112
4. The Sage of Allania 172
5. The Tower of the Sands233
6. And then, the Liberated Ones279

The Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain (Part One)
(Karyuusan no Maryuu 1)

War never ceases on the island of Lodoss and the land of Allania is in the middle of a civil war.
Hating the civil war, the northern villages in Allania have tried to declare independence and Parn, Slayn and the others play a central role in this. Meanwhile, Ashuram departs on a journey to find the "Scepter of Domination" which grants absolute authority. This treasure is kept by one of the ancient dragons.
To hinder Ashuram's ambition, Parn and company start out on a new journey.

Third Novel Chapters:
Page #
1. The Lone Warrior25
2. The Mercenary King106
3. The Hunting grounds of the Fire Dragon201

The Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain (Part Two)
(Karyuusan no Maryuu 2)

The journey for the Scepter of Domination continues. Orson's party must cross to the island of the blue dragon where lives the water dragon, Eibra. To this end, they struggle to reach the free city of Raiden.
There they encounter a minstrel who is a small fairy of the plains (a Grasslander) and head towards a riot with the thieves' guild who should have been their allies.
Meanwhile, at the hunting grounds of the fire dragon, Parn and company, having fought a violent battle with Shooting Star ride towards Raiden along with king Kashue, who is burning with revenge.

Fourth Novel Chapters:
Page #
4. The Thieves' Guild7
5. Defeat62
6. The Water Dragon, Eibra130
7. The Battle at Fire Dragon Mountain 191

The Holy War of Kings
(Outachi no Seisen)

"Stand as King of Allania!"
Parn was thus persuaded by king Kashue, Slayn and the others. However, there is an ill feeling in his heart that he cannot wipe away. Seeking out the nature and significance of a king, Parn and company turn towards the southern part of Lodoss (now in the height of confusion), and once again start a most difficult journey. To Moss, Vallis and then to Kannon.
Amidst the three kindoms embroiled in war, a new battle awaits...

Fifth Novel Chapters:
Page #
1. The Splendid Noble of the Highlands15
2. The High Priest King of Vallis162
3. The Restoration of the King of Kannon268

Holy Knight of Lodoss (Part One)
(Lodoss no Seikishi 1)

The court wizard of the Marmo Empire, Vagnaard, in order to revive Kardis, the goddess of destruction, stole the Crystal of Souls from the treasury at the chief castle of Flaim.
Spark, a young squire, upon discovering the invaders, watched them escape before his eyes. King Kashue gave him orders to persue them. Parn, the free knight visiting Flaim, gave him some advice and showed him his 'road'...

Sixth Novel Chapters:
Page #
1. Evil Brewing23
2. The Stolen Artifact*92
3. Following the Black Shadow156
4. The Cane of Existence224
*actually "saiki"==Ceremonial Equipment, but the Crystal of Souls seems more like an artifact to me

Holy Knight of Lodoss (Part Two)
(Lodoss no Seikishi 2)

Little Neece whose destiny is to be the gate for the revival of the evil god, decides to go to the land of Kannon in order to confront the dark mage. The squire, Spark and his five companions set out on the same road. Meanwhile, the war that has shaken all the ground of Lodoss is setting up for its final stand.
Will the expected victory be gained? And what of the ambition to revive the evil god...!?
The conclusion to this exciting series!

Seventh Novel Chapters:
Page #
5. Set Sail for the Haunts of Wickedness7
6. The gate is Opening52
7. The Night Before the Final Battle115
8. The Liberation of Kannon172
9. Holy Knight of Lodoss222

You can check out all the full size images of the novels in the image gallery. There are aslo a few more images from the inside's of the novels. You can also find out more about the novels in the merchanside section. There is a complete list of all the novels I know of in there. Check back at Dentatsu's every now and then to see if he's updated or translated anything yet.