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Well, I have the first 3 Lodoss TV CDs up and ready. This is just the start of this section. I'll have an encyclopaedia of all Lodoss and Crystania mechandise. I'll have all the information that I know about each item, such as original release dates, special promo items, where to buy the stuff, hopefully pictures of it all, original price in yen or US$ and I might be selling some of my stuff. Items include: T-shirts, models, VHS, DVD, LD, CDs(Son-May and Victor releases), books, manga, wall scrolls, posters, trading cards, Newtype magazines with Lodoss or Crystania stuff in them, stickers, videogames, computer games, cassettes, picture discs, chinese VCDs(Video CDs), RPG books, CD books, puzzles, calendars, artbooks, episode guides, and even videogame hand books. The Lodoss universe expands far and wide.

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